Today we had a free day after a walking tour in the morning to explore Florence. We started our day with breakfast and the bus trip into Florence at 8:15. We were having a walking tour from a local guide around the city of Florence. We started off by seeing where all the sculptures were in the piazza Della signoria. The main sculpture was the sculpture of David, although it was only a recreation of the original one. We then walked up to where the ponte vecchio bridge was and where all the lovely old building were. We ended our walking tour at Leonardo’s leather works where we met our tour leader.

Leonardo’s leather works is a big shop which produces lots of leather products and also does demonstrations for groups of people. We were lucky enough to see one of these demonstrations. The guy working there was telling us about how long it takes to make leather items and their drying time, how to prove real leather against fake leather and showed us the moulds they use to make certain products. We then went into their shop and saw all their jewelry products and their leather bags, wallets, jackets and many more beautiful items. All cost an absolute fortune but they were so nice.

After the leather demonstration we decided it was time for lunch. So we chose a restaurant and sat outside under the shades and ordered our meals. I had the most beautiful pesto pasta. After lunch the other girls wanted to go into the duomo but they was quite a queue so I decide led against that and chose to go off on my own little adventure. I wanted to go to the markets and buy some souvenirs for my family and friends and knew this was the perfect opportunity.

So I found an information site and got a map and found out where to walk from where I was. Once I got there I had a stroll though and sort of worked out what I wanted to buy. Then on the way back, I went to each individual stall and purchased all my souvenirs. Pretty happy with my purchases. Then it was time to walk back to the bus to meet the tour group. All well and good I thought until I couldn’t work out where I was on my map. I asked a man for directions to get me to the river coz I knew once I was there I would know where I needed to get to. And I was running out of time to meet with the group for the first bus pick up. The guy just said take this road to the end. Well I didn’t know which was the correct way to go at the so called end of the street coz it veered the way I thought was the wrong direction. I had left myself 45 minutes to get back to the bus but it wasn’t enough time. I had a map which was proving very hard to read and I just couldn’t get my bearings right. I finally worked out out and got down to the river, although I was at the completely other end I now knew how to get back to where I needed to be. By this stage it was too late so I was going to have to wait another 2 hours for the next bus. That wasn’t too bad though coz it was very hot walking in the sun for an hour, so I stopped for a delicious coconut gelato. Once I sat down in the gelato cafe I saw some other girls from the tour group. I went and sat with them and we were just chatting about what we had been doing during the day. Once we had all finished our gelato we went and visited the gold nosed wild boar statue which it’s said that if you put a coin in its mouth and rub it’s nose you will have good luck.

We all walked back to where the bus would pick us up from and sat in the shade until the bus came. When I got back to the accommodation, the girls I had split up from where sitting having a snack and drink whilst waiting for me so we could all go for dinner which was nice of them. I quickly got changed and then we went to the restaurant which was at the accommodation. I got a risotto for dinner which was a bit disappointing. The rice wasn’t really creamy enough like I think it was undercooked. After dinner we sat outside where the water fountain was and just chatted and listened to the live band for a nice relaxing evening.

Traveling to Roma!

Today we were heading to rome, we had to be up early to have breakfast, get our luggage onto the coach and depart. We drove to Orvieto where we had our lunch stop. In Orvieto we had to catch a mini train up the big hill before walking up another very long steep hill to see the Orvieto duomo. There wasn’t enough time for us to see the catacombs because they only run at certain times and we had missed the times for when we were in the town. We just had some lunch at a local restaurant. Then looked at some of the shops before walking back down the big hill to meet the group before going back to the bus.

We kept driving and arrived in Rome around 3pm which we then had a walking tour of the city with our trip leader. We visited places like the Spanish steps, the (under scaffolding) trevi fountain, the pantheon and the colosseum. It was extremely hot in Rome whilst we were doing out walking tour so part way through we stopped for some dinner. We had dinner at a beautiful little restaurant where I had the most amazing vegetarian lasagne and a freshly squeezed orange juice. We then continued on our walk until we came to a gelato cafe with a selection of over 150 flavours of gelato. They had everything from your traditional lemon to kinder bueno flavour. Our trip leader had organised a cup for all of us with either 2 or 3 flavours. I decided to get non fruity flavours for something different. I got bounty, raffaelo and kinder bueno flavour. It was absolutely delicious but also so hard to decide on just 3 flavours. We kept walking whilst we ate our gelato to our end destination which was the colosseum. By this stage it was 7pm or so and it was time to get back to the coach to get to our accommodation for the next 2 nights.

Headed to Florence

Today we were headed toward Florence from the French Riviera. We had breakfast at 7:45 for an 8:30am departure. As Jessie and I were the last to get our luggage to the luggage shuttle we were the first to get onto the bus at the bottom of the hill and choose our seats for the drive to Florence. There are fields and fields of sunflowers along the sides of the roads as you pass through Europe which is absolutely beautiful. We drive for a few hours before arriving at the town of Pisa where the world famous leaving tower of Pisa is located. We walked from where the bus was parked to where the tower was, took some photos and had lunch at a local restaurant. For lunch I had a traditional margarita pizza which was delicious. The only thing with pizza in Europe is that they don’t serve it cut up to you, you have to cut it all up yourself which isn’t the easiest thing in the world when most of the time they only give you a butter knife. Nevertheless it was a great pizza.

After visiting Pisa we kept driving until we arrived in Florence. We were staying at a camping village about 20 minutes out of the town. The village was equipped with everything you could possibly want including several restaurants, a supermarket, bars, a nightclub, souvenir shops, a wine shop, pools, washing facilities and play areas for kids. We stayed in a 2 person cabin which was equipped with everything we needed just for ourselves. Air conditioning was also a plus about this place. When we got to our accommodation we had a little bit of spare time before dinner was served in one of the restaurants.

Dinner was at 7pm and we had a 4 course meal. First up was a tomato bruschetta with olive oil and some basil. Next on the menu was a penne napolitana which was on big plates and just shared around the table. Third meal was chicken and chips for everyone else on the tour and I was served some tomato slices and some cheese. For dessert we all had a lemon slice. After dinner we all headed to the villages nightclub for a few drinks and some dancing. Almost everyone from the tour was at the nightclub even some young kids not from the tour appeared to be in there as they didn’t check anyone’s I.D on entry. Was a good night with good music at the nightclub.


Tillie x

French Riviera and Monaco

Today we had the morning to explore nice in the French Riviera. I got up and had my usual breakfast of muesli, toast and orange juice. We then headed into town via the tram and looked in some of the local shops and bought some souvenirs. We went into a beautiful French hand cream and body lotion shop which had some wonderful smelling lotions that we were able to test. I bought a cherry smelling hand cream which is just divine. We also looked at the markets which had an abundance of fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables, cold meats and cheeses along with soaps and souvenirs. We then wandered down to the beach and met some of the other girls for the tour which after a little while decided we would go get some lunch. We walked a bit away from the beach to find a restaurant to eat at. We found a place about a 5 minute walk from the beach which we decided to eat at. I ordered a pasta dish which was a penne Gorgonzola. It was quite a large serving but it was delicious.

Once we were finished we payed and left, we had to be back at our hostel to get ready to meet the tour group at 3:30 at the bottom of the hill. We caught the train back to the hostel and waited for the shuttle bus, but it was getting very close to the time we were needing to be back by and the shuttle bus hadn’t come for quite some time so we had to walk up the very steep hill in the heat. It was about 35 degrees outside so it made walking up a steep hill hard work. It took us a good 20 minutes to get to our hostel and that was walking as quickly as we could, sweating like crazy! By the time we go back to our room it was 3pm and we knew we had to leave by 3:10 which meant we had to shower, get dressed, do hair and make up in 10 minutes. Definitely not an easy task but we did it. Luckily we had 2 showers in our room, else we definitely would have been late and missed he bus. When we were ready we left the hostel and had to venture down this steep hill again. We had to pretty much run the whole way down and get just as hot as we did on the way up. Once we made it to the coach it was so nice air conditioned so that eventually Cooke is down. We were on our way to Monte Carlo, Monaco.

On our way there we stopped at a French perfumery called Fragonard. We had a tour through the perfumery and were showed how they make perfumes, soaps, bottle hand creams and packaging as well. The lady was telling us about people who work in perfumeries called “noses”. They are the people who create different fragrances. There are only 150 in the whole world and 100 of them work in France. They know the smell of 100s of different fragrances. These people are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol or eat spicy food as it may tamper with their ability to use their nose to full effect. Quite fascinating really. We then got to test out their perfumes and grand creams in the shop for if we wanted to purchase anything. I bought just a small perfume which was a fruity fragrance.

From there we made our way onto Monaco. We stopped to see the Monaco palace where the prince of Monaco lives. There was lots of barriers and security there at the time either because the prince was leaving or coming back. Then we went to where the grand casino of Monaco was. But before going into the casino we had dinner at a local pizzeria. My first pizza in Europe! I had a vegetarian pizza which consisted of tomato, zucchini, artichoke, mushrooms, and cheese of course.

Onto the grand casino Monaco we went, we had been told by our tour leader to make sure that the girls were in nice dresses and the guys to be in collared shirts, trousers and closed in shoes. So we were all dressed for the occasion. Being summer and a busy time of the year they charge €10 just to enter the casino. When we got inside we could see the sheer beauty of the place. There was beautiful sculpture work on the ceilings in particular and also on some of the walls. The bar was very extravagant with diamond strings all hanging down inside a glass cabinet and lots of expensive bottles of alcohol to choose from. We sat at the bar for a short period of time just to admire it as well there was all the pokie machines which some other people were playing. We then ventured in to the gaming room which had only a small amount of black jack and roulette tables. There was also the high rollers room which we obviously couldn’t go into, which we were all assuming it to be a decent size as the rest of the casino wasn’t very big. Out the front of the casino there was an abundance of really expensive cars like Lamborghini’s, Porsches, Aston martins and many more all worth an absolute fortune. There was one in particular that I really liked it was a green and black Lamborghini, every person was taking a photo next to it as well. After the casino we caught the coach back to our accommodation.

Tillie x


On the road to nice – French Riviera

We had an early start today, breakfast at 7:15 to leave the accommodation by 8am. We were headed towards the French Riviera, Nice to be precise. We had a 7 hour bus ride to get to our destination. Along the way we stopped for a picnic lunch which consisted of salads, fruit, cheese and biscuits and some cake. The normal stuff we could of assumed we would have. Nevertheless it was good anyway. It was a fairly boring bus ride as there wasn’t much different scenery than usual to look at.

We arrived in nice at about 4:30pm. But as the hostel was up a very long steep hill we to get shuttle buses up the hill along with our luggage. Once we got to our room we checked out the facilities of the hostel, got onto wifi and then got ready for dinner.

Dinner was served at a local restaurant which the coach dropped us off there as it was too far to walk. For our starter we had a garden salad and then for my main meal I was served an omelette, with some roast potatoes and carrots. I don’t eat egg so an omelette just wasn’t going to work out for me. In this instance I was lucky enough that one of the girls on the table we were sitting at was happy to swap my omelette with her sides of chips and carrots. The others were served the same vegetables along with a beef stew. Didn’t seem to be very traditional in itself. After dinner we were served 2 small profiteroles with vanilla bean ice cream inside them. They were absolutely delicious! By this time everyone was heading off to one bar that was close by. Myself and a few of the others decidedly not to do that and headed down the street toward the beach. We stopped in some cute little boutiques along the way and then got a few pictures as well. Then we ventured down to the beach, which at night time is just beautiful, not too many people all surrounding it. The beach has pebbles/ cobblestones instead of sand that I’m used to in Australia so that was a bit of a change. It looked very nice but I wouldn’t think the comfort would be there, that’s why there was so many beach chairs which could be hired out for use whilst at the beach. We caught the tram and shuttle bus back to our accommodation, and ended our night.

Tillie x

Lauterbrunnen – Swiss alps

Breakfast was at 8.45 this morning which was a refreshing change to what every other day had been. We then walked down to the train station to board the train which would then take us up to jungfrau – the top of Europe. This is the highest point on the mountains in Europe at 3454 meters. We were given a little passport sized book which gives lots of information about the construction and things to do when at the top. We then boarded the train for what was going to be a 2 hour trip up the mountain to reach our destination. The train ride takes a long time because the train has to stop for other trains through some of the tunnels as there is only one train track to pass through, you have to swap trains half way up the mountain and it stops at 3 viewpoints towards the top. The train is also quite slow as it is going up lots of windy roads and tracks and on a big ascent.

Once we reached the top we could feel the very low temperatures which we were warned about. We walked though the station to the main inside section which had a cafe, restaurant, gift shop and information booth. We looked at the signs for where we wanted to go, we had worked it out on the train by looking through the booklet. We went to the sphinx terrace which is the highest point you can go to at jungfrau and this is where they do lots of air and snow testing. We got lots of beautiful pictures up there! We then went through the ice palace which was absolutely freezing and into the Lindt cafe and onto the snow fun areas which was outside. They had activities which you could do including skiing, tubing, tobogganing, snow bikes and a zip line. I went on the zip line which was so much fun. Your connected by a harness to a long rope that goes from higher than the snow then down and land in the snow. You get a wonderful view of the mountains while your on the zip line. After the snow activities it was time to head back to the train to board and descend down the mountain. The trip down took nearly as long as the trip up the mountain.

When we got down the mountain we walked through the main street of the town and had a look at some souvenir shops and there was also a Swiss Army knife and watch shop which we also stopped at. We then stopped at the cafe and had a wonderful hot chocolate and used their wifi quickly coz we hadn’t been able to get any for the past 2 days. Then we rushed back and got ready for dinner.

For dinner we walked to a local restaurant where we had a garden salad and I had a plate of mixed steamed vegetables and a potato rosti. The others had a sausage instead of the vegetables that I was served. The meals weren’t the greatest and the bar was extremely overpriced, but I guess that’s what they can charge in a small town that’s mainly only populated with tourists. We also got a cheese fondue which we shared between about 10 people. It is a small saucepan type dish which was sitting over a small flame which was keeping it warm. The cheese fondue was served with lots of bread pieces which you dip into the melted cheese alone with a shot of schnapps which is supposed to be sipped before eating a piece of the bread. It was nice and creamy as well as a different but good kind of cheese taste to your standard melted cheese. I’m not actually sure what sort of cheese it was but all I know is that I enjoyed it. We headed back to our accommodation and went to bed.


Tillie x


Sunday was our free day in Paris. Breakfast was at 8am and we could do as we wanted from there. We decided to catch the metro (train subway) to the notre dame. Inside was a huge prayer going on coz it was a Sunday morning. So lots of singing and lots I people joining in. You could buy and light a candle to burn as your offering to notre dame. From there we walked to the lourve. On the way to the louvre we stopped at the love lock bridge. This bridge is where couples put a padlock onto the bridge barriers and most put their names or initials. The lock gets locked and then they throw the key into the seine river. It symbolizes that the couple will have everlasting love. We took a few pictures here then kept walking. As we entered the walls of the lourve we could see a huge queue of people waiting to get inside. We assumed that was the line we needed to be in. It wasn’t until we had been in line for an hour and were near the front that we found out that it was because every 1st Sunday of the month was free to enter the museum. But we could have purchased a ticket to enter for €12 and skipped that whole queue. Coz once we were inside and wanted to enter any of the exhibits we had to have the €12 ticket. We wasted quite a bit of our time because of this. Once we got inside the lourve we really wanted to see the Mona Lisa, as I’m sure pretty much everyone would going to the lourve. As we approached the room with the painting in we could see there was a huge crowd surrounding it. The painting is behind bullet proof glass, has a barrier around it which is about 3 meters away and also 2 security guards standing in that barrier section. I fought my way through the crowd to get a photo. Hardly anyone was wanting to budge from their position so it was very hard to get to the front but I was determined. I finally got the front after a small bit of pushing. When I got to the front I just wanted to be quick because I knew everyone else wanted to do the same thing. So I took a few photos on my camera and just one with me in the background on my iPhone. Mona Lisa selfie! As I made my way back out through the crowd an older guy was like “she’s coming through the mosh pit” and that’s exactly what it was like. So that was done and we had looked through some of the other painting and sculptures on out way through so we headed out from the lourve.

After the lourve we got back onto the metro to head to the Eiffel Tower. By this stage it was time for some lunch so just grabbed a quick sandwich and sat down to eat that. Then walked through the Eiffel Tower area and took a few more photos along the way. We had to make our way over to the other side of the tower to meet for a bike tour. The bike tour was organised through the trip tour group and it was fun by the fat tyre Paris company. It was a relaxed bike ride where we all rode as a group of 15 from one place to another and then we would stop for a few minutes and the tour guide would tell us some info about all the places we visited. A good way to see things in a quicker way than walking or trying to work out a route of where to travel to.

We were provided a picnic for our dinner which consisted of us sitting in the park right next to the Eiffel Tower and the food included 5 different salads, chicken pieces, cold meats and cheeses, fruit, macarons, and traditional desserts. The spread was very generous and a good selection to choose from.

After dinner we headed to a Cabaret show in the Latin district of Paris. We got to the show around 9pm and were seated and given some wine for throughout the show. The show began with a traditional cabaret dance performance with girls and also some guys. There was many different acts in the show, some traditional and some not so much. They did the cancan dance towards the end and there was also a trapeze artist and a man on a very tall unicycle throwing different objects like cups, saucers and bottles from his foot up to his head and catching them without his hands and also without falling. Pretty talented really. After the show was finished we caught the metro back to our hostel, had a drink at the bar and then headed to bed.


Tillie x

An in between day – Paris to Swiss alps

Today we started the day quite early having breakfast and loading our luggage onto the coach ready for a 10 hour bus ride to the Swiss alps. Lauterbrunnen to be precise. The bus trip was long but it was split up with breaks and we watched a movie on the bus along with a few ice breaker type games as well. We stopped for a picnic lunch at one of the test stops along the way. Included for lunch was 4 different salads, cheese and biscuits, fruit and some cake.

As we were approaching our location the scenery and landscape was absolutely breathtaking. The grass was so green, cute little houses in the villages, lakes full of clean water, waterfalls, mountains, bridges and animals. It was so beautiful to look at. I wasn’t feeling the best due to a bit of car sickness from all the windy roads so this was just great to make me feel that bit better. I had however been paying attention to the signs on the freeways on the way to our location and knew to a degree where we were. We had to travel a fair way up the mountain to out location and it was just a small town with one main road, a train station and a small amount of shops and restaurants. We stayed in a big campsite place in bungalow/cabin type accommodation. It was a large place and there was about 6 other large tour groups staying there at the same time as us.

When we arrived we just organised our room and did some washing as we had 2 hours before dinner would be served in the big camp tent. For dinner we had potato rosti and lots of green vegetables and the others had chicken. Then for dessert we had an apple strudel with vanilla bean custard and a berry compote, that was absolutely delicious! After dinner we all went to the bar at the campsite and had a couple of drinks and a dance. We also wrote on a coaster and attached it to the mesh hanging from the roof as a memento. The roof was so full of all these coasters which dated back to 2007. Everyone had written different things on theirs, some in different languages too. And that was the end to that day.


Tillie x

The tour beginning

Our day began with a 5:30am wake up call, quick shower and pack our bags to meet the tour group at 6am at the hostel we stayed at the previous night. We checked out of our room and went and had some breakfast downstairs that was provided. We then checked in with our tour group leader Erin who ticked everyone’s names off and explained to meet at the coach. Once all the luggage of the group had been loaded into the coach we were headed toward Dover where we would catch the ferry across the water. The bus trip took approximately 2 hours and then when we arrived at the piers we had our passport checked and stamped as though we were crossing he border. We then made our way to the very large ferry (p&o cruises) where we would load ourselves onto the ferry. Once in the ferry Erin advised us it would take about 90 minutes on the ferry and that we would need to meet her at the exit once we got off.

Last day in London

This morning we woke up around 8am and received room service breakfast to which we shared through a voucher we had received from the hotel. Might I just say that the room service breakfast is definitely enough for 2 people to share. There was a basket with 6 halves of toast, 2 small croissants and a Danish along with a jug of coffee accompanied by milk, a bowl with cereal and milk, a fruit yogurt an apple and a glass of orange juice and a little selection of jams and preserves and cheese to choose from to use with the toast. So we enjoyed our breakfast and got ready to go, we were checking out of our hotel so we had to pack our luggage as well and leave it with the concierge for a few hours while we went off and did some more exploring.

Our first port of call for the day, Abbey Road, the crossing famous for album cover of the beetles. The picture was taken of the 4 of them walking across the road along a black and white zebra crossing all in the same pose. This spot is famous for tourists trying to reenact this photo. We were here for a period of time as we had to wait for there to be no traffic in order to cross the road and take a photo. There were some individuals and families who spent ages and many goes at taking the photo. After we were satisfied with the photos we had taken we decided our next stop would be to head to harrods.

We walked to st johns wood station on the jubilee line where we would catch the subway to Knightsbridge station and hop off to walk up to harrods. On our way up to harrods we spotted a h&m that we quickly went in to to purchase a basic cardigan as ours weren’t with us and we knew we were going to need another one on our travels.

Up ahead we could see a very large building we assumed to be harrods. Harrods is a luxury designer department store. As we got closer we found this to be the case. We took a few photos of the outside of this huge but wonderful building. As we entered we could see that this place was going to be very very grand. We entered into the lower level which housed the luxury accessories. Every designer brand you could think of from Hermes to Chanel to Dior. All the glass showcases with very minimal pieces just to show off the beauty of that one specific piece. There was an abundance of staff working there which all wore black suits with white shirts and ties. We then walked through to the perfume section which was all bright and blingy and had even more staff working in there. We walked through to where the escalators where and this area was absolutely beautiful, it wasn’t any where near as bright as the main part of the store but it had beautiful carved pictures in the roof with stained glass panels as well. There was numerous escalators heading up or down. We wanted to find the harrods shop where all the specific harrods brand merchandise would be housed. This section of the department store was on the 3rd level of the store. There was a traditional merchandise store which had lots of different types of bags, teddies, keyrings, chocolates, kitchen wares and other little knick knacks. Next to this shop was the harrods Christmas shop. It was filled with anything had everything Christmas you could think of. Mostly with 2014 printed on the merchandise to commemorate the year you visited the shop and especially for tourists. We spent a bit of time in the harrods gift shop as there was so many different things to look at. It was hard to make up our minds on what we wanted to buy. I knew I wanted to buy a signature bag for my mum as I knew she would like it. But there was lots of different colours and sizes to choose from as well. I ended up getting the black fabric in the large size.

After harrods it was time for some lunch. Jessie wanted to try McDonalds to see if it was any different to back at home. I didn’t want that probably because I haven’t eaten it in over 2 years and don’t plan on starting again now. The shop next door was called m&ms simply foods. It looked slightly healthier. As I walked in I saw there was so many different things I choose from. All prepackaged food but fresh. Like fresh fruit salad, salads, sandwiches and gourmet meat selection packs. Surprisingly there was lots of vegetarian options for me to choose from which it made it very hard to decide. There was 2 containers for £3 which seemed very reasonable to me. I ended up choosing a wheatberries, couscous, sweet potato and capsicum salad along with a pasta with spinach, pine nuts and feta salad. They were both really delicious, only small serves of each but more than enough with 2 of them for lunch and I would definitely go back there again and either have the same or choose something different depending on what selection they had. We had to go and eat up in maccas coz there was no other seats anywhere around the street we were at.

After lunch we decided we were still in a shopping mood, so headed back to the train and over to oxford street where we looked in shops such as uni qlo, pull and bear, river island and Victoria’s Secret. The Victoria’s Secret is soooo much more expensive than America, like pretty much double the price which was quite disappointing really. Just had a bit of a wander around here and then headed back to the hotel to repack our bags with what we had purchased and then headed over to our hostel via train.

We had to get off at kings cross st pancras station. A very large station, one used for travel to the airports and other areas of London and lots of other connecting stations to this station. From the station it was about a 10 minute walk to the hostel with directions we had got from the hostel website. We were staying at the clink78. An old courthouse which has been renovated into a hostel. Once arriving at the hostel we checked in and made our way to our room. Once arriving at the room we were so underwhelmed with the size of the room, 4 beds (2 bunk beds) in the space of about a 3 metre square, we sat kind of stood there for a minute to work it all out. We then organised who would have which bed. By this time another girl walked into our room who was also staying in there with us. She was from New Zealand and had just finished a topdeck tour of Europe for 17 days. We asked her how it was and she said it was really good and explained a bit about her tour. At this time we decided to make our beds and then another girl entered our room. The last person for our 4 bed room. This girl was from Argentina and she was lovely. She had also finished a tour of Europe for 28 days. She had gone to similar places to where we would be going so i was interested to hear what she thought about some of the places and about the tour in general. There was plenty of places she loved and recommended so that was awesome.

Then it was time to get some dinner as it was almost 8pm. We headed back toward the train station and had some Mexican food at a place called burrito cafe. I had a wonderful vegetarian burrito which was huge! It was filled with tomato rice, peppers, zucchini, refined beans, tomato, lettuce, corn, cheese and mild salsa. It was very large and I could only just finish it but it was great. After this we headed back to the hostel, got organised and went to bed as we had to be up at 5:30 in the morning for a 6am start for our tour pickup. Exciting day ahead 🙂


Tillie x